About Books For Funds

Books for funds is a fund raising web site for charitable organizations. The site is managed by A. William Benitez owner of Positive Imaging, LLC an Austin publishing house. All the books published by Positive Imaging, LLC are sold either directly through our web sites or on Amazon.com. For those books sold on Amazon.com, we pay a commission of 40% of the retail price of the book. Book For Funds is intended to pay this commission to charitable organizations instead of to Amazon.com by making the sales directly.

There are two ways this can be handled and both are quite simple. For those organizations who agree to share details about Books For Funds with their members we create an entirely separate web site where members can go to purchase books and send all their friends and family members to check out and hopefully purchase books. For every book purchased from that site the 40% commissions will automatically accrue to the organization. A sample of such a site is at http://unityhoa.booksforfunds.com/. When the purchase is complete through that site it will be recorded for the Heart of Austin Unity church and they will receive a check for all the commissions from those purchases at the end of the month.

Those who don’t wish to agree to share details with their members can still benefit any one or any organization they choose by making purchases on this site and selecting someone to receive the commission. In this case payment must be made with a paypal account. More details will be forthcoming soon.

Please check back soon or request more information at bill@positive-imaging.com .